Private LSAT Tutoring

What you get when you work with Kevin:
Personal Attention
One-on-one tutoring focused on the concepts and skills you need to maximize your LSAT score. Every session is tailored to you.

There will be no
one-size-fits-all approach.
Real Understanding
You won't beat the test with tricks and gimmicks. Only critical thinking and mastery of core concepts can get you the score you want.

Gain a 180-level insight
into the logic of the LSAT.
A Devoted Mentor
You'll learn from a true teacher who will hold you accountable, lift you when you struggle, and guide you through any problem.

Confidence that you trained
with the best.
You must have questions ...
What is your rate? Where does tutoring take place?
Rate: My rate is $250 per hour. The most effective sessions are 1.5 or 2 hours long. I accept payment by PayPal, Venmo, and Zelle.

Online: We’ll meet using online video conference tools and we’ll use collaborative online whiteboards to draw logic game diagrams or other visuals.

In-Person Location: If you're interested in meeting in person in New York City, please let me know.
Why should I work with you instead of a tutor from Powerscore, Blueprint, or another big name prep company?
Simply put, you will not find another tutor who has the combination of my experience, mastery, and dedication.

Full-time LSAT professionals—those who have made a career out of LSAT tutoring—are rare. Almost any random tutor you work with from a prep company or from a mass-market tutoring website treats the LSAT as a side-gig. For them, it's something to do before going to law school, or it's one of a number of other tests and subjects they teach. Since there's no guarantee they dedicate their lives to the LSAT, there's no guarantee they have complete mastery over the test and how to teach it.

Furthermore, tutors from big name companies are beholden to those companies' methods—and if those methods don't work for you, then they won't necessarily have an alternative.

What's more, tutors from big companies are paid only a small fraction of what the company charges you. How do you think that affects the effort of some tutors who work for those companies? Will they go above and beyond?

When you work with me, you don't have to worry about any of these things. You get a full-time LSAT professional who is obsessed with your success.
What about this other independent tutor? Why should I work with you instead of them?
I'm sure there are other great LSAT tutors out there. However, here's what I can tell you:

When I have a tutoring session scheduled with you, I spend at least an hour preparing, and more often it's 2 hours, or even up to 3 hours. I review the practice test results you've sent me—and I don't mean just counting up how many of this question type or that question type you got wrong—anyone can do that. I actually dig into the specific answers you chose and the conceptual gaps they reveal in your understanding. I hand-pick other LSAT problems that involve those same issues to help you see how those specific concepts recur in a variety of contexts. What do the other tutors you're considering do?

During our session, I listen to how you think through the logical reasoning problems you found tough to see exactly where your understanding was flawed or where your process went wrong. We come up with simple examples and analogies together to help you internalize the right understanding, and we identify steps you can take to avoid similar mistakes.

I study how you approach a logic game—how you diagram, what you notice and don't notice, and where your habits or strategy are lacking. Then we improve that approach piece by piece and practice it until it's automatic.

And if we work on reading comprehension, I examine how you break down a passage, what you find important, and how you reason through the questions and answers. Based on what I find, we may, for example, practice a new way of reading, or we might train more efficient ways of getting rid of wrong answers on which you wasted time.

Throughout our sessions I'll push you to explain and to refine your thinking at every step. I'll inspire you to understand your mistakes well enough to teach someone else exactly how to avoid them. And, if we happen to need a bit more time than scheduled to make sure you really get a concept, or to answer your lingering questions, I'll take that time at no charge, instead of ending our session. What do the other tutors you're considering do?

After each session, I may follow up with additional examples or assignments to hammer home what you learned, and, you can ask me questions by email afterward, including substantive ones about actual LSAT problems and concepts. What do the other tutors you're considering do?

If they don't do all of the things I described above, why would you settle for less?
Do you have any examples of your teaching?
Of course. Check out my YouTube channel for some examples of my teaching. Keep in mind, however, that teaching in a video is different from tutoring. When we work together, we'll be having a back-and-forth dialogue and I'll encourage *you* to do the explaining.
Do you have any testimonials?
Of course. See the section directly below.
Daniel J. (176)
165 through self-study -> 176 after working with Kevin
Kevin is hands down the best tutor I’ve ever had. After scoring 165 on my first take, I had a chance to work with a few tutors before finally reaching out to Kevin. Kevin is distinguished by his unmatched dedication to his students and his piercing understanding of the test. After only one session, my RC average went up from -7 to a consistent –1. After only a couple of sessions, I broke out of my 160s plateau and was able to score consistently in the 170s. It was all because Kevin made sure that I really understood core concepts, even if it meant going overtime occasionally. He also regularly checked in on my wrong answer journal and promptly addressed my concerns and questions. All in all, I would not have been able to get this score without Kevin. I recommend him to anyone looking for outstanding tutoring.
Nick A. (172)
162 after a course -> 172 after working with Kevin
After only 4 total tutoring sessions with Kevin throughout 6 weeks, I made a 10 point improvement. What makes him so good? Three things: (1) personalized lessons, (2) his experience, and (3) the positive mood. Kevin's encouragement, down-to-earth personality, and sense of humor made the process feel rewarding and turned the LSAT into an approachable challenge.
Hannah S. (173)
163 after self-study and another tutor -> 173 after working with Kevin
I really could not have dreamed of finding a better LSAT coach. I refer to him as the LSAT whisperer. Kevin is so unbelievably thorough, patient, and personalized in his approach. From the tailored problem sets and structured study plans he created, to the drills he suggested to target my individual weaknesses, to the way he made such effective and productive use of our sessions, his expertise shone through in every facet of our work together. He was as committed to my success as I was. Kevin is one of those rare people who seems to have been born to teach—I feel so lucky to have had his encouragement and guidance. While I won’t miss the LSAT, I will miss working with such a passionate, creative, dedicated teacher and friend.
Carol R. (176)
159 diagnostic -> 176 after working with Kevin
I got my score and wanted to thank you for all of your help!!! 176 - I almost can't believe it!! Words cannot express my gratitude for the time you took to help me and give me advice.
Kate S. (166)
152 diagnostic -> 166 after working with Kevin
Kevin is an incredible tutor! His expert knowledge of the LSAT paired with his easy-to-follow teaching style and patience were instrumental in my success on the test. Kevin went above and beyond in his explanations and advice. Thanks to him, I improved 14 points from my initial diagnostic and will be attending a T5 law school this fall! I recommend Kevin and Luminate LSAT with no hesitation, whatsoever!
Sara M. (176)
165 after self-study -> 176 after working with Kevin
I got a 176! I'm ecstatic :) I couldn't have done it without your amazing insights and patient guidance. Thank you so much!
Sandra C. (170)
164 on 3rd take after self-study -> 170 after working with Kevin
I got my score today and I got a 170!!! I'm SO relieved and I feel like a weight has been lifted from my shoulders. I really want to thank you for all your help for the past year, I don't think I could have done it without you!
Uh...correlation doesn't prove causation. That's LSAT 101. Just because those students got a higher score after working with you doesn't prove that *you* caused their higher score.
You’re right.

It's possible that those students, many of whom were stuck after self-studying for months, increased their score after working with me merely from coincidence. Is that a likely explanation, however? Or is it more likely that individualized guidance from an elite LSAT tutor helped students get past mental blocks they had trouble fixing on their own?

Since you haven't worked with me before, you might not realize what you're missing. You can always try one or two sessions, and if you still prefer to go your own way, that's fine! There's no obligation to continue since you're not locked into a tutoring package.
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