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Outside Reading for LSAT Reading Comprehension

Although there's no substitute for practicing and reviewing real LSAT passages and questions to improve your Reading Comprehension performance, there's no way you can study for the LSAT every waking hour.

Luckily, there's a useful (and fun!) thing you can do outside of studying that can end up improving your overall RC skill: ...reading. Who knew?

I don't mean reading stuff like the news, Reddit, YouTube comments, the latest dystopian YA fiction, or law school admissions forums. I mean fascinating, high-quality, non-fiction articles that challenge you as a reader. You've probably heard of the same old boring recommendations like The Economist. So here's a list of things to read that you probably haven't heard of.


I guarantee you'll find something you like in Nautilus. Each issue is is centered around a theme, such as "Aliens", "Maps", "Chaos", and every article contains the kinds of twists and turns you'd find in a difficult RC passage. Science, philosophy, arts, culture, you'll find everything in this top-notch publication.


Just like Nautilus, Aeon covers a broad range of topics, and every article is high-quality. Read this every day, and you won't regret it.


I'll admit that Quanta is a tougher read the the first two items on this list. But if you want to expose yourself to hard science topics and improve your ability to wrestle with subject matter that initially seems impenetrable, there's no better outside reading source than Quanta. After just a few days of reading this magazine, you're bound to notice that they regularly publish about topics that have come up in LSAT reading comp passages.

Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy

This one is much more academic in style than the other sources I've recommended. And you're going to go "Huh?" at many of the articles. But click on "Random Entry" a few times and I'm sure one entry will pique your curiosity. You may also end up amused at how there are all sorts of raging philosophical controversies about the most obscure topics.

Arts & Letters Daily

This publication collects the best arts & culture articles published across the internet. Check this site regularly if you want to become more fluent in the artsy-jargon type of writing that occasionally pops up in LSAT RC passages.

Read one article a day from each of these sources, and you're bound to become a better reader.