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Learn exactly how a 180-scorer approaches the logic games section.

What you'll get in the Logic Games Mastery Course

Practical, Proven Curriculum
The entire course was designed by a 180-scoring LSAT professional with years of tutoring experience. My approach is designed for actual use under real-time conditions.
Complete Training in Every Aspect of Logic Games
Everything from big picture strategies to the most granular inferences are explained in 40+ hours of video and text lessons and reinforced through over 120 actual LSAT logic games. These games are integrated into each of the course lessons and were handpicked to emphasize specific skills, techniques, and LSAT concepts. After working through the course, start doing full LG sections and use my explanation bank, which includes explanations to over 40 LG sections, including every section released in the past 15 years.
Real-Time Explanations
Forget about "perfect" explanations showing you what to do in hindsight. My Mastery-style explanations show you in as close to real time as possible how I work through logic games. You'll hear every thought that crosses my mind, see exactly where I'm looking, when and what I draw, and how I recover from missteps and missed inferences. These explanations will show you how I put together and execute on the techniques developed throughout the core lessons, and they'll also show you that you don't need to be a genius to achieve logic games perfection.
Direct Support from the Course Designer
Your questions are answered directly by me, not by an army of inexperienced tutors teaching as a side gig before law school.
Access as Long as You Need
You'll get access to the course for as long as you need to get a perfect logic games score. (Note: LSAC Prep Plus Subscription is required to use the course.)
I’ve been studying his LG course about 1-2 hours a day for 2 months. My logic game capabilities are now at 100% success due to his teaching alone. I started with less than 2 correct answers per game.

Now I get 100% correct and enjoy each game! The progression was steady, and happened without me pushing myself. His teaching is easy, crystal clear and seriously the best there is. There is an ask button, and he personally replies to my questions in a super short time. It’s like having a personal tutor with this program. The price is super competitive, and the course is yours forever! No added stress of “wasting money” by taking a day off for example!
Raina P.
Why am I so confident that you can master logic games?

Because I conquered the section, even though I wasn't a natural at it, and I've helped hundreds of other students conquer it, too.

Here's my story.
I went from 10/23 to perfect scores every time, including on multiple real LSATs.
On my first diagnostic, I got only 10 correct on the logic games section, and I'm pretty sure some of those were just a string of lucky (A)s from #12 to #23.

After months of studying, I could occasionally get 18+ on a section, but more often than not, I just didn't have enough time to finish the last game, and made too many careless mistakes. Every logic game section felt like a roll of the die.

Instead of working through games calmly and confidently, for almost every section I was frantically bubbling in guesses, scrambling between questions in a foggy haze hoping for some flash of insight to suddenly guide me to the right answers while the time ticked away.

But over years of teaching the test, I took the best of popular LG curricula, combined it with my own personal insights as someone who seriously struggled with the section, and developed my own logic games system. This system helped me get perfect logic games scores on multiple official LSAT administrations (non-accommodated 35-minute timing).

What was once a glaring weakness has become a reliable source of confidence. But more important, I've taught the LSAT to hundreds of students, both as a classroom instructor and private tutor, and helped many of them experience the same transformation that I did.

Because of this depth of experience, both as a student and a teacher, I've seen every type of logic game struggle out there. No matter how much you know about logic games, I'm confident this course can help you.

Who is Logic Games Mastery for?
Anyone who's struggled studying from a book.
It's tough to learn logic games from a book. If you've tried and failed, it's not your fault. High-quality video explanations, like the ones you get in this course, can make a huge difference.
Anyone who's struggled using other video resources.

So you've used another video-based course before? What, you might be wondering, is different about my course?

Simply put, the explanations and course design are just flat out better. The instruction is more in-depth, more articulate, sounds a lot better, and is easier to follow. I explain exactly how I decide whether to make scenarios/frames/worlds and also demonstrate flexibility in solving games. You can't expect to make the "best" decisions every time and I show you how you can succeed regardless.

Furthermore, I closely integrate dozens of logic games into the core lessons to reinforce specific concepts, and I draw from a larger range of PrepTests (1 to 65) for the lessons so you don't get a skewed sense of what modern logic games are like.

And, there's ease-of-use benefits, too. The videos show the text of the logic games on screen so you don't have to look back and forth from another tab or a book when reviewing. My explanations are timestamped so you can easily jump directly to specific questions. My explanations don't have a third of the screen taken up by a presenter's face or body, and aren't re-purposed recordings of live classes that include comments from students off-screen.

What's more, you can ask questions directly to me - if you're confused by any aspect of the course, reach out and I'll help. LSAT instruction is my full time profession, so you won't have to worry about a checked-out course designer outsourcing the answers to your questions.

Anyone who's new to games or looking to rebuild their skills from the ground up.
This course contains everything you need to build your logic games foundation and achieve mastery in the section. Depending on where you're starting, it may take several months or more of hard work to get there, but I'll be there to support you the whole way.
Anyone who just needs the last few points in logic games more consistently.
If you're already very strong at logic games, some of the basic concept units in the core ordering and grouping lessons may be redundant. But I'm confident you'll get value out of my "Mastery-style" explanations. In these, I'll show you through real-time explanations exactly how I work through actual games - flexibly, systematically, and without a shred of cleverness required.
Get a closer look.
This is part of a core Ordering Lesson on multi-row games.
This is part of a core Grouping Lesson on common important inferences.
This explanation is part of a lesson on "numbers" issues in ordering games.
This is a Mastery-style explanation showing how I solve a game in as-close-to-real-time conditions as possible.
You must have questions...
How much is the course? How long do I have access?
The course is $249. You have access for as long as you need to master logic games.

(Please note that an LSAC Prep Plus subscription is required to use the course.)
Why should I use this course for logic games instead of a course from another company?
There are definitely solid logic games courses offered by others.

However, do those courses allow you to get your questions answered directly by the course designer? By a 180-scoring expert with years of experience with the test?

Or, do they outsource your questions to a community discussion forum or inexperienced tutors who don't necessarily have a coherent LG approach as a whole?

And, do those courses offer "over-the-shoulder" explanations showing exactly how the course designer does the game in real time, how they recover from mistakes, and exactly how much they *actually* draw on the page?

Or are their explanations based largely on hindsight, aimed toward giving a "perfect" approach to the game? Although there's definitely value in these kinds of explanations, in my experience, for students who are trying to go from good to great or great to perfect in logic games, there's no substitute for seeing exactly what goes on in the mind of a 180-scorer who wasn't always good at games.

But if you're wondering how my course compares, the best way is to buy it and compare my content with any other course you're considering. I'm confident you'll find my content is easier to listen to and to watch, is more comprehensive, goes more in depth on specific logic game concepts, and helps you learn more effectively. If you still prefer to go in a different direction, then get a refund within 7 days of purchase, no questions asked.
Is there a money-back guarantee?
Although I'm confident you'll find the course valuable, if you decide it's not for you, you can get a refund within 7 days of purchase - no questions asked.
I'm interested in a course that covers LR and RC, too. Can you help?
If you are looking for a course that covers all three sections, the Logic Games Mastery course isn't a good fit. (I'm currently developing my LR and RC courses - stay tuned.) However, you could use Logic Games Mastery to focus on LG while using other resources or tutoring for LR and RC.
What if I have more questions?
Just email me at
Ready to master LSAT logic games?
Logic Games Mastery Course

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